You have the right to live in a safe and well maintained property.

We act for tenants in social housing who have experienced problems with disrepair and have had no satisfactory responses from their landlord who have specific duties and responsibilities.

We can advise on whether you have a claim and put you in touch with a specialist Solicitor who operates a ‘no win no fee’ agreement.

Disrepair commonly includes some of the following:

Damaged or poorly fitted windows and doors

Damp and mould which are a long term health risk and can also damage funiture and fixtures

Blocked drains and leaks from the roofing of your property

Poorly maintained roof and chimneys leading to damp and water damage

Badly maintained brickwork or render to the outside of the property, which casues water to enter your property

Damage to your belongings, goods or furniture can occur through a variety of reasons